Ina Jang

  • <em>dots,</em> digital C-print, 2009 dots, digital C-print, 2009
  • <em>papergirl 2,</em> digital C-print, 2010 papergirl 2, digital C-print, 2010
  • <em>anonymous,</em> digital C-print, 2009 anonymous, digital C-print, 2009
  • <em>onigiri,</em> digital C-print, 2009 onigiri, digital C-print, 2009
  • <em>a wink,</em> digital C-print, 2011 a wink, digital C-print, 2011
  • <em>a circle,</em> digital C-print, 2011 a circle, digital C-print, 2011

Artist Biography

Ina Jang graduated with a BFA in photography in 2010 and recently completed her studies in the MPS Fashion Photography Program from the School of Visual Arts.

Her work has been shown in numerous galleries and festivals internationally, including the Empty Quarter, Dubai; Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich; and in the New York Photo Festival and Tokyo Photo in 2011.

Over the past two years she has been nominated for seven different awards, including Print Magazine’s 20 Under 30 and Flash Forward 2011.

She was a Foam Magazine Talent and a finalist at the Hyères 2011 where she returned to exhibit commissioned fashion assignment this year.

Her works have been published in The New York Times Magazine; Dear Dave Magazine; British Journal of Photography and Time Magazine’s Light Box.

Ina currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.